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noromo_xfrecs's Journal

NoRomo X-Files Fan Fiction Recs
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NoRomo X-Files Fan Fiction Recommendations. Help others find the good stuff to read. All gen fic! Adventure, Profiler!fic, drama, humour, horror, investigations, post episode fic... basicly any fic that is romance free.

Before posting anything, there are a few rules to take note of:

1. Do not recommend your own fiction, please offer a sincere recommendation of a story you have read and enjoyed which is by another person other than yourself.

2. Please do not post a vague recommendation. When recommending a fan fiction, please include the author's name, title of story, a URL leading to the story and a brief summary describing why you liked the story.

3. Do not post a recommendation to any stories that contain a Mulder/Scully romance in anyway.